Enrolment - Student Scholarships

Upwey High School makes available scholarships to assist incoming Year 7 students as a way of supporting achievement by students in both scholastic and practical areas. The Scholarships assist in the purchase of Upwey High School related education requirements for these students who have demonstrated excellence in academic and/or sporting fields and who are of high character.

A maximum of 6 scholarships are offered across a number of different areas:
- Academic
- Citizenship
- Leadership
- Volleyball
- Cocurricular
- Sporting

Applicants will be judged comparatively, according to their responses to these criteria:
- Firm and undeniable demonstrated evidence of achievement in any of the above areas
- Firm and undeniable demonstrated evidence of high level personal skills
- Firm and undeniable demonstrated evidence of school values
- Willingness to commit to the relevant school program

Students will be invited to submit their personally written applications, Term 1 (date to be advised). 

Applications will include:
- an application coversheet for each criteria response
- appropriate evidence to support their firm and undeniable evidence of high level personal skills, ability and achievement,  in theirr application category

Evidence might include, but is not limited to, past school reports, references, certificates of achievement, evidence of community/voluntary activity in a range of community-based organisations, sporting clubs or other associations.