Student Programs - Talented Students Program

 In all classrooms our goal is to deliver a differentiated program that allows the learning to be personalised. Student talents are identified, and nurtured, through this differentiated approach. 



We also support students in developing their talents in a range of intelligence areas:


Naturalist Intelligence 
(‘Nature Smart’)

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 
(‘Body Smart’)

Musical Intelligence 
(‘Musical Smart’)

Linguistic Intelligence
(‘Word Smart’)

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence 
(‘Number/Reasoning Smart’)

Intra-personal Intelligence 
(‘Self Smart’)

Interpersonal Intelligence 
(‘People Smart’)

Spatial Intelligence 
(‘Picture Smart’)’


All Years 7, 8 and 9 students are involved in the Talented Students Program.


They complete a self-audit based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences model. They then select an appropriate program to further develop their particular talents. The program runs on Wednesday afternoons.