Student Programs - Student Asthma/Anaphylaxis Action Plans

If your child has been diagnosed with Asthma we require you to provide us with an in date Asthma Action Plan.  This is necessary for us to support their wellbeing and to meet our legislative requirements.  Please contact your medical practitioner, so they can; download the appropriate Asthma Action Plan to complete.  Once completed if you could return it to us prior to Term 1 commencement with their medication any other device aid i.e. spacer device.

The following plans are available;

·         Asthma Action Plan – when using a puffer and spacer

·         Asthma Action Plan – When using a puffer alone

·         Asthma Action Plan – for Bricanyl Turbuhaler

·         Camp and Exercise Asthma Update Form


A useful link:

Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening. It needs immediate treatment and urgent medical attention. The most common allergens in children are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, cow's milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, certain insect stings and medications.  If your child is diagnosed as at risk of anaphylaxis, please inform us as soon as possible.  We require an action plan developed by your child's doctor, along with your child's medicaion including an EpiPen®or EpiPenjunior®. 

·         Anaphylaxis Action Plan

For more information on anaphylaxis and allergies, see: Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy.