Student Programs - Student Wellbeing

Upwey High School has a strong focus on the development of the whole person. We are committed to the personal development and wellbeing of students, as well as to their academic development.

The approach that we use is based on restorative practices; it is our belief that positive, strong and healthy relationships are vital in underpinning learning and personal development. Routines and rigours are well defined, and enforced throughout the school. We all need to have a clear understanding of expectations; students are expected to be ready for learning.

We are a Tribes school. Our staff are Tribes trained in order to actively develop a productive learning environment.

Every school should be a model home, a complete community actively developing future compassionate citizens capable of creating, leading and contributing to the kind of democratic communities - in which we all long to live (from

Students and staff are supported by a Student Wellbeing Coordinator, a Mental Health Practitioner and Student Support Services Staff such as Educational Psychologists and Social Workers.