School Information - Parent Payment Charges

Upwey High School is committed to providing the best possible education for your child and seeks your support in achieving this aim.

Our budgets are the same as household budgets: a certain level of income is required to meet running costs. The State Government provides a significant proportion of our income, in particular, for instruction by teachers which, in DET schools, is free. However, this is not enough to meet the full costs of running the school programs and to provide the level of education and standard of facilities that you expect and your child needs.

At Upwey High School we deliver a broad range of curriculum programs designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. We also provide enhanced facilities to ensure that your child has a positive learning experience at school.

We have expanded our Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) resources and student access to the Internet and Intranet. We are committed to keeping pace with technological developments and providing your son or daughter with access to relevant and timely resources. This is a challenge and requires a significant financial commitment by the school.

Our Later Years (10-12) curriculum provides one of the widest choice of programs in any school. This ensures that each student has access to a program that suits his or her individual needs. The number of our students who reach their desired pathway indicates that our approach is successful.

To maintain our outstanding programs we need to recover some costs associated with delivering these programs. The funds collected through the school charges provide for items such as stationery, printing requisites, photocopying, class sets of books and equipment, classroom materials, audio visual and reference requisites, first aid supplies, parent newsletters, school magazines, sport and physical education equipment and library resources.

Our aim is to keep the contributions we ask parents to make at a minimum but they are vital to meet the costs above those funded by the government.  Please note that contributions to the Building Fund are tax deductible.  

School Council oversees our Parent Payment Policy, consistent with DET Parent Payment Policy.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties we invite you to contact our Parent Payment Contact, Debbie Martine to enter into an alternative and confidential payment arrangement.

We trust that all parents will make these contributions. We take our responsibility for educating your children very seriously. We rely upon and thank you for your ongoing support.