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Parent Student Teacher Conferences

On Thursday 15 September 2022 we will be conducting our Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, where families and students can meet with the teachers via Microsoft Teams to discuss learning progress.
1. First, check the assessments for your child that have already been published on Daymap.
(i) log in to Daymap (ii) click on your child's photo (iii) click on the 'Assessments' tab.

2. Students should have completed a Personal Learning goal that they will be sharing at this time.

3. Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences run from 1-8pm on Thursday 15 September.

4. There will be no classes on the day of the Parent-Student-Teacher Conference.
For students, the day is a great opportunity for some learning consolidation or extension.We are sure that they will all be keen to use their time wisely. Remember also, that we do expect students to attend the meetings.

5. Use Daymap to make your Parent-Student-Teacher Bookings.
(a) Go to the Parent Portal front page on Daymap to see the links to make bookings.
(b) Bookings are 10 minutes in length.
(c) As some staff members may not be available on the day or become fully booked, then you are more than welcome to contact staff members to discuss your student’s progress, during school hours on another day. Staff contact details are on Skoolbag, under the 'Parent Info' tab.

6. Click here for the Room Links document.
(a) Download and save the document to your device..
(b) Each teacher will have their own direct link to a MS Teams Meeting space.
(c) On the day, click the link for the MS Team Meeting at the time you have booked, and the staff member will allow you entry from the virtual lobby when they are free. 
(d) For more information on how to use
MSTeams for Interviews, click here. Hopefully it will just be like finding your way from A5 to E7 to L4...except no walking!

7. Daymap Connection Issues???
If you are having issues logging onto Daymap to make the initial bookings, please call the school to arrange a password reset with the IT Staff on 9754 2838.