Student Programs - Camps and Tours Program


The Upwey High School Camps and Tours Program is designed to provide students with many opportunities to experience learning beyond the classroom.

Middle Years Camps

Year 7 Camp: Transition Camp. The main focus is on 'getting to know you', in an adventure camp setting.
Year 8 Camp: Surf Camp. Students learn about coastal ecosysystems, and try their hand at bike and foot hiking, snorkling, boogie boarding and surfing.
Year 9 Camp: Bush Camp. A bush walk with cross country biking and a paddle down a river. Year 9 studnts complete this camp at the end of the year. 

Year 12 Study Camp

Later Years Tours

Year 10 Central Tour. Year 10 students depart on this tour in the last week of term 1. The bus journey sees students exploring Central Australia.   
Year 11 Queensland Tour. Year 11 students travel in convoy to the Gold Coast in the Spring Break.
Sister School Tour: Japan - Mito Eiko JHS (2023 TBC) 
Social Action - Fiji (2023 TBC)

Sports Program

Year 9 New Zealand Volleyball Tour - November each year
Later Years Surf Camp - December each year