Student Programs - Instrumental Music Program

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Student Programs – Instrumental Music

Welcome to the Upwey High School Music Program. We have an experienced music department of dedicated staff, and are well resourced with practice and rehearsal spaces, and a recording studio.  We offer students weekly lessons at prices around a quarter of outside school lessons, as well ensemble rehearsals and performance opportunities every term. We have an exciting and vibrant program that students love to be involved in.

Learning an instrument and playing music with others has huge benefits for young students. Self-expression through performance, connecting and socialising with other music students, confidence building, cultural expression and identity, as well as enhanced independent learning.

Students have weekly lessons on a rotating timetable that allows students not to miss the same classes. Lessons are typically in groups of 2-4, with older students in smaller groups, and students in VCE scheduled in individual lessons where possible. Students have the opportunity to learn any of

Piano, voice, guitar, percussion, bass, trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn, flute, saxophone.

*Discounts apply to brass + woodwind instruments, and students undertaking a second instrument also have discounted lessons.  


We run a number of different ensembles every year.

Students beginning their learning begin with junior ensembles and then progress to more senior groups and into the VCE and/or VET music program, running their own ensembles being mentored by their instrumental and classroom teachers.

Ensembles run on a weekly basis from week 2 Term 1. All students learning an instrument have the wonderful opportunity to learn and perform with an ensemble, and have a multitude of performance opportunities throughout the year, including mid-year and end of year concert, VCE performance nights in semester 1 and 2, music tours of local primary schools, and school based performances such as assemblies and *New Music Camp*.